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So a few months ago I discovered this wonderful little corner of the internet. It's a micro blogging community that makes sharing things (sometimes) easier. I am, of course, talking about Tumblr.
For the last few months, I haven't posted too often here. Actually, I never do. Lately though, Tumblr has been my soapbox. I post my larger rants/projects onto this blog, but the little nitpicks I post to my Tumblr. So if you ever become bored here, or think I do nothing: sidle on over to my Tumblr:
Mostly I post for "teh lulz". However, sometimes I actually post something that makes sense. Lately my posts have been all Dr. Who related. (What? How can I not be totally smitten?)
There is a feed to my Tumblr also posted in the sidebar ------>
So poke on over if you get bored. Tumblr is easy to get lost in!

Now please enjoy this ridiculously cute Minecraft comic!
Disclaimer: As if I could draw this!
Naw, I got it off Tumblr.
Unfortunately there's no watermark or signature.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Doctor Who S05e01: The Eleventh Hour

In the Eleventh Hour I finally actually watch an episode of Dr. Who and meet the Doctor for the first time, and so does Amelia Pond.

I would like to begin by saying: How have I not watched this show my entire life?!
I grew up watching geeky shows because I had a geeky father. I watched Star Trek and Enterprise, Stargate: SG1, Star Wars, Red Dwarf, and other such geek shows. Actually growing up my favorite show was Bill Nye, because that is just the child I was. So for me to have never seen an episode of Doctor Who, that seems a little weird. Mom and Dad how did I not watch this all the time?
So it's the beginning of Series 5, and a new Doctor, and I have a lot of things to learn apparently. All I knew about Doctor Who was that he was some time-traveler, who wore weird outfits, and flew around in a blue police box and that was about the extent of the weirdness right?
Oh how delightfully wrong I was.
We are instantly thrown into, what I am told by my husband, is the immediate events right after the end of Series 4. Doctor #10 has just kicked the bucket and regenerated.
Wait. Regenerated? What?
Quick answer from Owen tells me that the Doctor doesn't die, he regenerates into another form.
Uhm.. Okay. I can keep up with that.
So he's hurtling through the sky with a police box that's blowing up and ridiculously huge on the inside. But if there is one thing sci-fi shows ever taught me it is that nothing is ever what it seems, and nothing is ever impossible. 
Also, nearly getting nailed by Big Ben does not look like any regeneration could fix that, nice save.
So as the Doctor is flailing around in the sky over England we are then introduced to a very red headed little girl who is praying to Santa, and I love this show already. Seriously, she's ginger and has red welly's. What is there not to love?! Also, crack in the wall does not look normal! It whispers at night? How is this child not severely emotionally scared for the rest of ever? I had a hard enough time with the laundry pile becoming sinister shapes in the dark when I was a child.
Okay, that's enough. We're 5 minutes in and I'm already making no sense.
However, I knew I was going to love this show as a cautious, but curious Amelia Pond goes to see what has crashed into her front yard. Only to discover a blue police box, on it's side, has decimated her front yard practically.
Doors are thrown open, a grappling hook (??) is thrown out and Matt Smith, the 11th Doctor, clambers out of the police box a little worse for wear.
At this point Owen informed me "That's the TARDIS". I had many questions, first of which was "Why does it look like a police box?" "The perception filter malfunctioned and it's just stayed like that" Uhm. Love it.
I also love that the Doctor flails and responds with "Still cooking" when Amelia asks who he is.
At this point I had my doubts a little, I thought this would be an entirely silly show. Meaning, silly in a, "this is ridiculous and has no point." Or I thought perhaps they would go a bit over the top with sci-fi nerdism (I myself being a bit more fantasy).
But Doctor Who just patted my on the head and said "Oh silly you". As first thing Amelia and the Doctor do is try to figure out what the Doctor is craving. And the line "You're Scottish! Fry something!" may have been another point that won me over. Although the Doctor rejection bacon seemed a tad blasphemous, but nothing is perfect.

So the Doctor is sitting there eating Fish Fingers and Custard (which Owen is contemplating trying) and Amelia is eating ice cream out of the scoop (<3) when we start to lean towards the crack in her wall. The Doctor makes a good point saying that for a young girl to be unafraid of a strange man who crashed into her yard and is now eating at her table, this must be one scary crack.
Of which, YES. YES IT IS.
Also, "Two parts of space and time that should have never touched." What?
Now Doctor Who switches gears from pandering to Andi's silly and laughs side to the adventure, curiosity and What is going on?! side. Also, things become rapidly confusing. As Doctor Who picks up the pace with Prisoner Zero has escaped, and psychic paper (?), and "the corner of your eye", and GIANT EYEBALL, and...
What the bloody hell is a sonic screwdriver?
More importantly, how is Amelia Pond not scarred for life? I may be.
A flurry of things have just happened, and something is loose in Amelia's house. Now the engines are fluxing (?), and the Doctor has to jump the TARDIS (brb in 5 k?). So Amelia excitedly packs (I know I would!) and goes and waits for the Doctor to come back.
And suddenly it's morning.
Doctor, what have you done?
Omg, maybe Amelia got caught?!
Ask my husband, I started panicking at this point
What was in the house? Is Amelia okay? What if the Doctor is too late?! And see what happens when I get into a tv show? I become slightly fervent. Or maybe a lot.
At this point I'm wondering what could have happened as the Doctor races in and...wait.
Wasn't that shed destroyed?
Doctor.. how long have you been gone?
This show doesn't believe in breathers does it? I can tell that already.
Once the Doctor wakes up (handcuffed to a radiator) and starts demanding Amelia Pond, I can't say I was fooled. Because, seriously. The "cop" in front of you is a ginger! Like Amelia! Same house! Oh come on it's totally her. But no, no one tells you anything right away, and the "corner of your eye" bit comes back up. Which is an interesting concept. It seems like the corner of your eye is always the place where you think you saw something, but then quickly dismiss it. The corner of your eye seems to be where the most tricks are played, it also seems to be the scariest place as your mind can concoct the strangest things there. And THERE IS ANOTHER BEDROOM! What!?
Of course Office Amelia totally goes in, the Doctor yelling "Do I just have a face no one listens to?" Haha. Yes, yes you do.
Can I just say, creepy room? Ew slimy sonic screwdriver, that has jumped onto the table!? And I screech slightly and jump onto Owen and then laugh as poorly CGI'd bad guy....snake... underwater looking creature...thing comes down behind her.
Owen asked a relevant question at this point: Where is it hanging from? My answer, the puppet strings of Steven Moffat.
At this point, I wasn't really feeling the tension. With the whole, back up, no back up, I'm totally lying! Believe me! bit. Then the snake guy who is now a guy with a dog totally bares NOT HUMANOID TEETH and I'm like RUN! Which they read my mind and do. Except, what? No you can't run into the TARDIS? I did not understand that bit, something wasn't finished? How did you bring the wrong key? How many keys does the Doctor have? Owen says many, whatever. So of course RUN AWAY. But oh wait! The shed! Liar it hasn't been here for 6 months! More like 12 years! And Amelia yells back "You said 5 minutes". And my heart kind of breaks. You can already tell Amelia Pond is the girl who is used to people leaving her, but she really does wait. And as she runs off with the Doctor in tow, I wouldn't blame her if she smacked him upside the head.
And yes you are being staked out by an ice cream van Amy.
At this point we're suddenly hoping fences and going into someone's house, and they know Amy because it's Small Town UK. However, at this point the Doctor makes and interesting comment as he seems surprised that she's suddenly Amy and not Amelia. Amelia being the little girl with the name out of a fairy tale, and Amy replies "I grew up" and I am having instant flash backs to how I feel about that term a few days ago! But the Doctor can fix that! No worry! Can he fix mine too? Maybe?
And there's the eyeball on the tv, speaking in a whole lot of languages. Alien invasion anybody?
Also, asking why a duck pond is still a duck pond with no ducks in it really is not relevant right now! Come on Doctor! (Owen claims everything is relevant in Dr. Who.)
Amy, locking the Doctors tie in a car door with 20 minutes to incineration is also not a good idea at the moment. What are you people doing? Frustrating me, that's what. Although, the Doctor and Amy have a well needed chat and I guess that's okay because hey it's only 20 minutes.

In all honesty though, at this point I really did get why Amy was so mad. He said he would be back in 5 minutes, and like everyone else the Doctor didn't follow through. It's the point of why should she believe him and trust him when he already let her down? I was even kind of miffed at him, until he pulled out the apple she gave him and I was like. Well.. maybe it wasn't his fault. Maybe the TARDIS just malfunctioned on the jump and I am ALREADY making excuses for him! Amy decides to give him 20 minutes to prove what he says, and hurry up! Time's a wastin'! Look they put a shield up around your planet, everyone in sci fi knows that equals baaaaad.
The Doctor always being so observant notices the nurse taking pictures of a guy with a dog and it's creeper bad guy! As well, meet Rory; Amy's boyfriend, but not. I sense commitment issues. Also, coma patients at the hospital make for great disguises.
However, splitting up isn't always the best idea. Come on guys. But the Doctor has things to do; and off Amy and Rory toddle to the hospital to do.. something. First though, the Doctor needs a laptop for his excellent plan which results in a little embarrassment:

Yeah Jeff. Geez.
The Doctor has now hacked into all the big dog's chat room's because the Doctor is better than you. He also proves he's awesome by proving all your theory's wrong and proving you can travel through time with this equation and while you're at it Doctor why don't you just divide by zero. Everyone's all ears now as it's his plan and nope. Hand over to Jeff, you get to persuade them. Why? Because it's your bedroom, have fun!
Seriously? Kind of awesome.
Meanwhile back at the ranch hospital, something awful has happened because Prisoner Zero snuck through the air vents (that always happens) and someone got eaten. Oh annoying other, non time-traveling doctor who wouldn't listen to Rory. She suffered from NPC syndrome apparently, although I don't know what to call that in tv.
Heh. They use Amy's police kissogram uniform to get in.
Mother and two small children need help! Except Prisoner Zero got the mouths switched up again and bloody run!
At this point I realized, wait, what has Prisoner Zero done? Did he like kill a whole bunch of people, or is this just because he's so darn scary looking and oh why not. Is he actually going to eat you? Maybe hugs are illegal on his planet, maybe he just wants a hug!
Getting carried away. Stopping.
So Amy and Rory have successfully locked themselves into a dead end, and Prisoner Zero is getting in! We're running out of time! Where's the Doctor?!
Driving a fire truck. With the sirens on. This man is a child. Love forever.
Also, duck.
Doctor's in the house! Okay what did you do? Can you actually get the aliens here this time? You're down one sonic screwdriver because you blew up the last one, and I am starting to doubt how they are going to pull this off.
To which Doctor Who replies: Allow me to introduce you to my brilliance.
With only a few minutes left we find out that everyone, everywhere is displaying the number 0 to get the attention of the aliens, all being commanded by a rugged looking Jeff from his bedroom command center. So what is so important about displaying 0's everywhere? How do you pinpoint that? Doctor Who is this going to be cheesy I ask. No! Doctor Who replies and smacks me. As the Doctor pulls out Rory's phone and reveals that it is the source of the virus! With all the pictures of Prisoner Zero's disguises, which are quickly emailed to the aliens (okay that was kind of cheesy). But! But! The aliens figure out where they are and BAM! Prisoner Zero is so busted!
You da man!
*blank stares*
"I'm never saying that again."
Yeah. Probably shouldn't. That's like when my Dad says 'stellar'. No.
Filled with sudden elation at the Doctor's victory I find myself getting incredibly excited, though some what asking "That's all?" Oh no, Doctor Who is not done yet as Amy promptly passes out and Prisoner Zero takes the form of a young Amelia Pond and the Doctor she waited for.
Prisoner Zero, I get the feeling you probably should not taunt the Doctor. It seems like a bad life decision.
Once again, being the doubter I am, how are you going to get out of this? Oh easy, Amy can still hear me and she saw Prisoner Zero so I'll just get her to imagine what Prisoner Zero looked like which will make him turn back into his form and, oh posh, how could you not think I was going to do that!
I...I don't know. I just. Okay you do your thing.
Also: The Universe is cracked. The Pandorica will open. Silence will fall.
So Prisoner Zero is captured! The aliens are leaving! Amy is okay! It's all good right?
I'm with Rory as the Doctor calls the aliens and tells them to come back, as Rory and I both go "What are you doing?!"
But no, the Doctor has finished yet. He isn't happy with them trying to blow up a planet. It's time to tell those aliens what's what! It's time for a show.
This is utterly relevant

First! Raid the hospital for suitable attire! Because he can't be raggedy for this.
I seriously love how the Doctor is like: Ooo! Clothes! *strips everything*. Rory turning around in disbelief as Amy keeps watching because, hey vindication. Or...something.
So to the top of the roof, as the music grows and I'm like "What's going to happen?!", and the 11th Doctor walks out to meet the eyeball Atraxi.

The ships look like snowflakes. That's all I can think. 
Prepare yourself for epicness as the Doctor basically tells the Atraxi to never, ever come back.
Basically, run. He's the Doctor.
This small, but well done speech, here is basically what made the episode for me. As Matt Smith does a fabulous job in his new bowtie and suspenders. He somehow conveys his complete nonchalant attitude towards the threat this aliens just posed; as well as his calm, but firm, threat. That's really the only word I can think to call it. He basically tells them, mess with earth and you have to deal with me. So run. At this point, I instantly loved the Doctor. His silliness, jovial manner, but caught in a snitch and he's serious business. You don't mess with this guy, he'll outwit you. I keep saying I love it, but seriously I do. As the Atraxi take off because, whoah no we are not dealing with this!
Run away!

So the Atraxi are off with just Amy, Rory and the Doctor on the roof.
And a new key! Yay!
Off the Doctor runs (brb) to see his new TARDIS as he tells Amy he'll be back soon!
Wait... we've heard this before.
Oh look it's nighttime. Really Doctor?
Nevermind! Two years! Amy is mad!
So am I. Seriously man?
Though we find ourselves back at the "I grew up" point. I feel like really Amy is saying she had to learn to become wary, and a little distant from people. She grew up with just her Aunt, and no one believing her about her raggedy Doctor. Bless the Doctor though as he simply snaps his fingers, opening the TARDIS door and replying "I'll fix that"
Thus Amy enters a new TARDIS, that's bigger on the inside! With the promise of adventure with a madman with a blue box. Truly, who could resist? I can't!
So off they go, Amy and her Doctor. To new adventures! I am so excited for where this going! I do love the Doctor with his crazy antics, he truly is a madman. As well as Amy with her "I am totally fierce".
It's completely a fairy tale that sucks you in, and I am enthralled and..
What? Wedding dress?
Amy! What is going on?!

*sigh* Up next, The Beast Below. That sounds.. pleasant.

Yes, yes they are. 

ETA: Owen pointed out that there is a crack on the scanner in the TARDIS. Like the one of Amy's wall. Uhm. What is going on?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

PSA: Doctor Who

Hello Blogospherians. I am currently attempting to, once again, reorganize my blog. So if you see some things start to shift around, do not panic. However, mostly in the effort of organizing I'm actually just trying to give my blog a reason for existing. Besides, you know, being my ranting board. No, I'm going to actually set up a schedule because I need some form of discipline and organization  even if it can't be my living room right now.
So! I really don't have a plan yet, I never really ever do. Although, I am going to be starting "projects" with the hubster. Also, reviewing. I never finished DAII, that's definitely on the list (I just need to convince my brain it won't rot playing it and I will finish it a 2nd time). Also, Doctor Who. I have become a fan girl. I decided besides games I'm going to go through tv series as I watch them because, really, oh why not.
So things are going  to be more chaotic than usual in the coming while, but hopefully it will give way to an actual semblance of order and a purpose.
Things can't get better if I don't horribly mess them up first, or at least rearrange crazily!  

Monday, June 20, 2011

Growing Up is Such a Dangerous Notion

My father once told me that I should never throw away anything I write, because perhaps one day it will come in use. He always said that using my creative mind and the products of it was never a waste. As much as a wise man my father is, sometimes it is really difficult not to just scrap everything in a flurry and proclaim loudly to the heavens "Fine! We're starting over! Again!"
Today, is such a day.
What is it about writing one day you truly love what you have done with your imagination and a few words, and the next day you think you were scrapping at the bottom of the proverbial brain barrel? Because seriously. I feel like that every now and then.
Did you know I have this magnificent world (well, magnificent to me) in my head. For the last, oh.. let me think, *Mumbles and counts fingers* 7 years this world has morphed, changed, apocalypsed, and come back together anew. Yet with the passing years I have visited it less and less. I have picked up a pencil and sketched out new thoughts with a dying frequency. I rarely seem to have time to quietly stroll through the Autumn lanes of my mind. Why? Because lately it feels like I have done an awful and dreadful thing which my father always warned me not to do.
I have started growing up.
And I do not mean in the way of, I grew up and learned to pay bills and work and take school seriously. No I rather think that is a part of becoming mature. No, no. Somewhere along the way, rather sneakily, growing up caught me. Or perhaps I apathetically succumbed to it. The jury is still out on that.
There were always points in your life where you had to mature. You had to learn to pay bills, and that not paying them meant no phone service. At some point you got a job and began working hard for money. You learn to take school seriously, because hey this thing costs a lot and education is important. I left childish things behind, matured, went to school, got married, and am trying to make a life for two. But nowhere in the Terms and Agreements for Maturing is there a clause saying you must Grow Up.
Although, perhaps 'grow up' is a poor term. I prefer, 'sold out'.
At some point we all stop being childish. If you don't, you have a problem. That doesn't mean we don't stop being child-like. Alive with that curiosity for the world. That ability to perceive and look at things in a light that no one else can. The wonder filled awe and things people would find simple. And the playful nature of living a day. I grew up as that child, the one who brought home a new stray everyday. My mother always said I kept her on her toes. I always had a new place or friend or story to tell her everyday. Even through high school, I liked to sit in the library and dream among books. The dreams of other dreamers.
And yet, today I wake up and I find that I have sold out, and grown up. I get up every morning and pull myself to a job I hate, but I do it. Why? Because of money. I go home tired and angry and occasionally get in a fight with my husband over things that aren't his fault. My garden in my front yard is becoming full of weeds. The house still is not unpacked. The bills still need to be paid. I still need to pick up this for my work. I have to hurry to catch the bus. Something is broken on the car, need to take it to the shop. We need to buy groceries. What to make for dinner? More like what is easiest to make.
My life has become something that I never even perceived of as a child: Mundane. Like the masses of people, my life is a day-to-day event. Just getting through one to get to the next. The thing that honestly bothers me most though is that I work for money. Which, I realize, sounds silly. Everyone works for money. But that is the only reason I am there. I truly despise that fact. There is no drive, there is no push to do better, there is no change, there is no challenge. There isn't even a chance to excel. Everyone higher than me makes it clear I am here to serve and this is where I belong.
In the chaos of living a life of the masses my daydreams slowly fade and become something put in a box marked "Things of Childhood".
But I don't belong here. Do I? Isn't there always a talk of working for something better? I knew it would be hard to get to the place I want to be, but I am not willing to sacrifice what I love about myself and life in order to get there. Otherwise once I get there, what will I have left? No story to tell. And that, is truly a crime.
Life should never be mundane, you shouldn't have to grow up and sell out. Life is meant to be an adventure, and at the end perhaps you shall have a grandiose story or two to share.
There is much I will sacrifice to get my husband and I through to a better time, but I will not give up who I am. 

Friday, June 10, 2011

Dear World

How do I explain to you the gravity of that which I am about to tell you? How do I explain in a way that you will understand? Odds are I can't. You'll never understand the depth of sorrow you should be feeling. Or that twinge of silent relief because there is no pain.
But I shall certainly try.
Because you need to know.

When I first came to the Military Museums over a year ago, there were many new things to be introduced to. But the one memory that shall forever stand out in my mind on my first day, was a smiling woman who told me to take a candy from her jar and warmly welcomed me "to the family". That is how I first remember Lynne. I soon become one of the "adopted Museum grandchildren", and Lynne became my "Museum Grandma".

To be honest I've rewritten this post a few times. Trying to think of how to tell you about Lynne. It's rather hard to put into words. I supposed the best way I can think to put it is that Lynne would do anything for the people she loved.

The last thing I will always remember of Lynne was my wedding day. I thought she wasn't going to make it. She had chemo treatments and was slowly getting more and more tired. As I walked down the aisle and out the doors with my husband I remember everything was a blur, until I noticed Lynne was there. She had promised she would come, and hell or high water wouldn't stop her. All I could do was say "Lynne!" and my smile widened. As people filtered out Owen and I gave her a hug and told her how happy we were she was here. I remember she told Owen she loved him and was proud of him, and told me how beautiful I was.

I will always remember Lynne as the first person to greet you when you came in, the woman with the jar of sweets, the one who would bring that piece of vanilla cake for those who don't eat chocolate, Lynne with a different pair of earrings everyday, the one who kept the museum running and kept our sanity, the woman who always gave a smile and wanted to know how your day was, Lynne who loved Elvis and had her desk covered in pictures of her family and the rest of her "family".

As I write this it's another beautiful day. Lilac flowers fall from the breeze and the sun is warm. I like to think Lynne pulled a few strings on the other side; to make sure we got nice weather through these sad days. The "Museum Grandma" wouldn't want us all sad though. So when I go home today, I will hug my husband, tell him I love him, and next Friday I shall go to the Museum. And I shall be with everyone as we laugh and cry and remember our Lovely Lynne. The woman with a big enough heart to love us all.


p.s. I'm sure she's already met Elvis.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Buttons, Buttons.

So I was going through old draft posts, when I found this:

How did I never share this with you guys?? Seriously they are so adorable! I found them on Etsy one day, granted I haven't been able to find them again since >_> 
However, they don't have an Alistair. So that's kind of upsetting. Like. A lot. Although the grumpy Morrigan one makes me giggle. ^_^

Also, don't forget in your day!


Monday, June 6, 2011

The Storm and the Umbrella

For some reason, every time I lay out a plan to write a poem.
I go to write out said idea and my brain goes...
Hmm... NAW! We're not doing that!
Let's do this instead!
So I relent to a sigh and go with it.

Lately I have been trying my best to put into words
how I was feeling over a disheartening ordeal.
I suppose I finally found out how.

The Storm and the Umbrella
I found myself,
Caught up in the storm
Of your turbulent words
And offending scorn.

These storms seem to pass through
With increasing frequency.
Your brash emotions
And pretty using of me.

But this time
You broke that thin wire.
The last thing holding us together
And you broke it with fire.

This was the last hurricane
Of you I will endure;
For while you rain accusations
I brought my sanities cure.

You really hated that Umbrella.
It wasn't normal you'd say.
But I love my Umbrella,
I love it more each day.

It keeps my sanity,
Sheltered from the prevailing winds
Of your hurtful and illogical cries.
It keeps me sheltered to the end.

You may hate my Umbrella
And treat it with scorn.
But I care not,
For it has taken me out of your storm.

And I walk with it
Down a country lane.
Twirling it.
Never to come back again.