Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Infamous Introduction

Well, it's not me that infamous, rather the introduction.
I just take ride along credit.
So this must be my 50 billionth.. okay 5th.. blog that I've started. I give no guaratees how long this one will last, nor how often I will post. Though maybe this one will stick, maybe. Possibly? No? Well, we'll try!
Also, I wish to inform this is a random blog, and I mean I rant and ramble (oh how I ramble!). So please, if half of something or all of something or even the some of the thing make absolutely no sense, feel better.
This means you sanity is intact.

"If anyone knows where the starbornalatooter is on a DC3 could you please press your call button. Now!"
- Opus; Opus and a Wish for Wings that Work.