Sunday, August 29, 2010

On a Drizzly Sunday Afternoon...

I'm sick in bed.. Wonders.
Seems there's been a bug going around my office, and the girl with a pretty good immune system who doesn't usually get sick. Get's sick. Well it could also be from sitting out on the cold ground for 3 hours yesterday at Global Fest. Which, by the way, the fireworks were fabulous! The first set was done to Nikki Yanofsky's "Believe" the 2010 Olympic theme. Definitely in my top 3 of best fireworks shows I've ever seen!

Photo Courtesy of Richard C.
Yeah. I forgot my camera for once. Good neough
Now, the fireworks were fabulous, as you can see..after the announcers stopped talking! Oh good heavens they kept saying "In a few minutes we'll enjoy the fireworks, but first!" No! No more! I want my fireworks! I don't wanna hear from any more sponsors, I'm cold!
Apparently I get grumpy when I'm cold. But who doesn't?!
All in all though, pretty awesome. The night markey had a lot of cool things from all over the world, even a tshirt I've been looking everywhere for! Pictures to come later :) Also, food from all over the place. Yum ^_^ And chai gelato? That's new. Also, belly dancing style Cinderella? Actually pretty cool, they did dances from India, Egypt, Greece, South America and then apparently she gets married to her prince in Calgary? To a country line dance? It takes a special talent to turn line dancing in to a belly dance. Though.. Maybe not. It was still pretty neat! But the evil step sisters ate her turtle friend at one point! Fiends!
Besides that, my life is a dull one. Though I did buy a bunch of new books on friday, and now I need to decide which one to read first. That's the real dilemma. I may start with Paradise Lost. I'll keep the read up posted.
Now, I haven't talked about work in a while. And I suppose the first crazy story I can start with was actually this friday. Which by the way, was kind of a write off. No one was in the office. So I sat writing up a children's play for my boss while my poor boss was trying to do two jobs. My other manager Deez got sickly, which is bad. So really all the exciting things that happened were that they're redoing the Founders Gallery and moving all the walls around. It's going to be cool when it's done! So work ended and I went downstairs, as usual. I do data entry for the downstairs Collections "Rat Cage" after work. The CFAMS aren't really fun, but the people downstairs are. For example, the computers in the museum frizzled and glitched again so Tucky goes to fix them with Heleness and I slipping out behind too. One of the displays has a false door thats actually a door to Collections dontchya know? So while standing in a display Heleness snapped this:

Yes, that is me standing in the display. Oh so cool. Haha. Now that I look back I should have gone with a scouting pose, but it was spur of the moment.
And after us crazy Kids in the Museum went to the Farmers Market because crazy Asian girl had never been and we got gelato! And then went to Chapters where I killed a lot of money, but also very much worth it!
Trust me, there's more crazier Museum stories than this one. You'll see.
On todays news:
Man would be ignorant to assume we're the only ones in the vast expanse of space.
Does this mean I can blame El Nino for my cold summer? Probably not..
Similarities between Romantic Rejection and Cocaine Craving? Just go eat some ice cream people!
Food that makes you cringe a little. Prairie oysters got nothin' on this..
Lastly, after getting to know a lot of soldiers and veterans. You worry for them. They're everyday guys with families and kids and a life. So when their security and lives are compromised by a bunch of ignorant radicals.. I. Am. Mad. There's a difference between freedom of speech and putting people's lives in danger. WikiLeaks I'm looking at you. Douchebags.
Now if you'll excuse me, I need ice cream.. So mad.. *grumble*

Friday, August 27, 2010

A Long Time Ago...

There was a girl who wrote in her blog, but then she became busy with work and life and things. But hey, you were warned!
Yeah, I'm terrible.
Now it has been a super busy summer for me, and I have much to write about but a bit too much for one post. So no worries, I'll definitely write about it! I learned much this summer, how could I not, really. I have had a crazy summer at my job working at the Military Museums. You have to be a bit crazy to work there, but that's alright because I already am so I just felt at home.
Meanwhile back in Egypt 3,500 years ago they were making bagels!
Apparently Mt. Vesuvius is a hotter number than we thought.
Finally, Starbucks in 1550 Ottoman Empire? Well, in a bizzare way.