Thursday, July 8, 2010

A side order of spinach please

Firstly, Happy Birthday Kevin Bacon! You have such a delicious name!
So my hand may be permanently cramped up from writing up so much research at work. o_O Eesh. My fingers no longer fing! Well.. Not really. At least it's interesting, and not studying something like.. Math *shudder* No, I have had an obsession with military medals as of late, and today I was studying up on the Victoria Cross. ^_^ Which, has to be my favorite (which is probably because it's the highest honour, but yes). Although the Commander of the British Empire medal is really faaancy, I feel like someone wearing it would fall right over.
Alright, geekiness aborted.
For now.
I did go to an amazing BBQ last night though. It was all old co-workers from my last job, also in a museum. But a little more fun, in a living history, dressing up and gossiping and re-enacting, kind of way. It was funny though, since I hadn't seen any of them in a year (which I missed them terribly) So when I rang the doorbell I suddenly heard the high pitched squee, next thing I know I'm being buried in a hug and it's all smiles and the same as it was before :) Perhaps the funniest part besides clothespin doll soap operas was my ex-Fort Husband introducing me to new people as "This is my ex-country/fort wife. The useless white one." *eyeroll* Then again, there's a reason the HBC guys married the Aboriginal woman, they knew the land, how to work and were tough. Not delicate like those Europeans and Eastern Canada "ladies". Which in the HBC, as a white girl, I guess I was supposed to be. Pah, that didn't happen.
And that's the extent of my life's excitement. I lead a very boring life, but not Neanderthal!
After all, you would have to lead a pretty stellar action packed life to look like Popeye
Also, I wish I was in Los Angeles! Because mummies are always cool, especially with CT scans ^_^

"It's not the size of the fwoosh, it's how you use it."
- Richard

Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Original Trampoline Club

Happy 4th of July to you America! It's once again that time of year when you blow up half the yard with fireworks, and bbq anything that possibly has even been known as edible.
It's wonderful. Really.
Back in Canada though, Twilight: Eclipse takes precedent over the G20 and G8 summit, as I can't seem to find the latest news on it on Canada's website without having to do all but backflips searching. For good news anyways. All I seem to find is Anarchists and Riots, oh and some poor recruitment office getting a bad case of punk terrorists. Apparently nothing on the Maternal Care incentive for Africa or anything about the International Debt Recovery. It seems the world just wants the drama. Hmph. 
On another, more awesome note, I had my birthday party! Epic? I think so. My sister, the lovely bakerista baked all of the treats. Cake pops and cupcakes were had. Now you may ask yourself, "Andi, what's a cake pop?" Well, let me show you. 

There were also yellow ones at one point, but those apparently went very fast! My sister happened to eat the very last one just a second before the picture! >.< Ah well. Also, cupcakes were involved, both of the lemon and mint chocolate chip type. 

Can you say delicious? I know I can. Her lemon ones are always the biggest hit, they taste lemony, but not too lemony. And you would think the English Major could be more descriptive, but no. That's how good they are, they defy all description! Ahaha.
So it was very delicious and much fun was had, and smores, and parallel parking smores into mouths. And, oh yes, The Original Trampoline Club. Which is secret, so ssshhhh! Needless to say the neighbors probably got the wrong ideas when they kept hearing, "Hey! Come be Tramp #6!" Yes, clarity seems to come after being a fool. But that's okay. 
Now, though this all sounds like something a 16 year old would do at their party, which it so is, I'm actually celebrating me 20-something or other birthday. I'm getting old -_-
This means I have to take finishing my degree seriously, ohhh deary. Also, finding a career. Hmm. Well, we'll get back to that at an undisclosed time. Never. 
In OTHER news!
Tibetans are cooler than you! As evident by lots of acronyms and cool words. Also, lactose intolerance has come to light for me:
"The Tibetan example of human evolution beats the previous record holders in northern Europe, whoevolved lactose tolerance to digest the milk sugar lactose over the course of about 7,500 years." 
     Jeremy Hsu, July 1st, 2010.

This suddenly explains much to me. Well, not really. But it does explain that people who are lactose intolerant can say it's not their fault. It's evolutions fault!
Also, Queen Cleopatra knew how to party but not how to mix her drinks, apparently. Or maybe she did a little too well. Also, I do adore the old Cleopatra movie with Elizabeth Taylor. She was a spunky lady! 
Also, they had movies back in the Prehistoric era. I wonder how much cover charge was? Probably a lot, a whole goat most likely. No one would have wanted to mess with Neanderthal bouncers! 
Lastly, the evolution of the human is a beautiful thing. According to NPR, we're a pretty legit species and they're going to be giving a series called "The Human Edge", which I am looking forward to. Also, they probably say one of my most favorite lines, ever. 
"And no complaints about big hips, please, ladies — without them, you couldn't bear babies with big brains."
I totally nearly died laughing! It is true though, just sayin'. 
Now, it's a sunday. Church is over, and I have food to munch on, in healthy abundance. Left over chocolate cupcakes and cookies. Oh yeah. 

"Congratulations, you're officially made if another year around the sun."

Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy Canada/Dominion Day!

Happy Canada to all fellow Canadians out there! Hopefully you  also spent the day eating outrageous amounts of junk food and watch explosive fireworks. It makes for a good day ^_^
Granted I know this is a belated Happy Canada day, being the day after, but really.
I don't know about anyone else, but I started celebrating my country's freedom by sleeping in. Glorious! Nothing says I love you Canada than having the freedom to sleep in. Yay! Although, I then had to get out of bed. It may have been worth it with how of a day it was, probably. Though the whole running around crazy trying to get places on time with other people was nothing short of frantic. Well, maybe just for me. My sister and my friend Ry just sat there watching hilarious videos.
One of which, must be shown, seriously:,17691/
I want to know how many people watched this and then went "Wow, really!?" and are now singing the 'Lost Verses' I wouldn't even doubt it.
However, much Waterton fun was abound afterwards once we actually got everyone crammed into the car, help me I can't feel my legs! and I sat in the middle on the way there. Between a rock and small place. Red Rock was closed though, pure sadness really. But Waterton has the most awesome place right now, Waterton Weiners! They have big weiners and little weiners and special sauce for weiners. And I've said weiners way too many times. But seriously, delicious extra awesome yummy! As my sister said "my tastebuds are rejoicing!" A discussion of waffles was also had, but nothing came from that. Little disheartening. Also also, random lean to found on the beach. Were there some explorers passing through? Possibly lost campers trying to salvage their supplies and keep warm in the freezing rain! fifty feet from a hotel But we made good fun of it, it went to loving use. And of course the lovely beef on a bun tradition was upheld, in my backyard. Deliciousness.
Oh yes, and fireworks. Who could forget fireworks!
Although I gotta say, all the drunk people trying to sing Oh Canada! Really, patriotic. The drunk and the unbalanced bravely sing on through the night, and everyone siddles away from their drunk staggering, and abash singing. Lovely. Fireworks were cool though. Kinda got boring in the middle, but that's what you should expect from the City of Lethbridge budget. The whole time through it though I was seriously sitting there waiting for my giant BOOM! firework. And I waited and waited diligently! And it was all the way at the end, but it was awesome! I felt my insides rearrange a little. I cheered, oh yes.
And now it's the day after Canada Day.
So.. sleeping in and video games?
Yep, Happy Day After Canada Day to me!

"The price of freedom is a high one, but the gift of your children's liberty is priceless."