Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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So today I just realized, I really have not done any sciencey/anthro/nerdy news lately.
Huh, well then. Kinda diverged a little.
So let's see what is up in the academic world then lately, shall we?


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Brief Aside

In case no one has ever noticed before, my blog here sometimes tend to be my psychiatrist. I've discovered splaying wordy rants across a page and launching them into the blogosphere to float amidst the other blog junk is, oddly, helpful. I'm sure you've read my ranting posts about numerous topics, none of which make too much sense nor have too much cohesion.
And today once again I find myself flopping down on my proverbial psychiatrists proverbial leather sofa. This time with a lot of things racing around my mind. So I hope you readers on the other side of the screen don't mind, but I'm going to divulge a bit.
Shall we?
I've discovered over the past while that being married really does turn your world upside down.
And then inside out, possibly puts your through the rinse and ringer cycle, spins you three times, puts a blind fold on you and then gives you a stick to try to hit your next target. Whether thats managing to get a full night sleep, get up for work, make dinner or figure out what it is that married people do with their spare time.
The last one is really putting a work over on my husband who is so used to, honestly, being alone. He's a bit of a "to himself" person, well, except when I'm around. He doesn't mind spending time with me. But for us to be constantly together, we tend to run out of things to do. Which ends in us resorting to him playing a game/reading a book and me mulling about cleaning and finding random things to daydream about.
My problem though is this:
I feel like I am currently hanging upside down by my ankles, slowly rotating probably, musing to myself:
"What am I going to do with my life?"
I hate my job, I'm just going to say that now. There's no denying it anymore. I feel little self worth or appreciation for what I do. Being a receptionist is not my cup of tea. To me it simply does not feel fulfilling and it feels like I am not completing anything worthwhile. I suppose it is hard to explain, and there are many factors in my office specifically that contribute to it. Either way, I do not love this thing I sit about and do for 8 hours everyday.
Which has my brain in turmoil lately, what do I do with myself?
I am still going to school. However, lately even my degree (Anthropology) has been on the chopping block in my mind. I think, what am I going to do with that? How am I going to take care of my family? I, personally, want to be a stay at home mom. As much as I want to travel the world discovering things, such as, Ivan the Terrible's Lost Library; I want to be a stay-at-home mom a little more.
So then I think, well I do love writing. Why don't I try to write out my stories?
Problem is, the first thing they teach you in Creative Writing: "Get a day job."
Awesome, and with Owen still trying to finish his degree. Our finances can't exactly afford me taking a gallivant through my day dreaming worlds.
I do love gardening, I would love to do landscaping and be a professional gardener. Yet, I hit a brick wall with apparently not having a Horticultural degree? (What? Where do you even get that?)
So what about finishing my English degree? That's 4 more years of finishing and getting an Ed degree because really, all you can do with an English degree is teach (unless I can make a living off blogging! Hah). Not that I wouldn't mind the schooling, but right now I feel...restless.
So my mind flipped through so many things I have always wanted to do, that just feel a little out of reach. Now I just can't think about what I want, I have to think what is good for myself and my husband. Things get a little more daunting when you have another person to take care of.
So then, what do I do? What do I do with myself that makes me feel like I am actually doing something worthwhile. That contributes to myself and others.
1st answer: I don't know. Whatever. I give up. I'll just do this thing because it pays the bills.
2nd answer: Wait. Why don't I become an EMR?
It's an idea. Just a small one that my mind thought of today. Perhaps with a bit of inspiration. I have my First Aide Level C and CPR/AED training. I've always wanted to help people, and my Dad is an EMR too. I've gone on ride alongs and always enjoyed it. Right now I'm just wondering if I can handle things that would be seen as a first responder.
Although, it would be worth it, I think. At least it seems like it would be something both ambitious and worthwhile.
I suppose we shall see what happens, won't we.


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Oh thank goodness!

It's the long weekend!
And it's actually been pretty nice weather.
Little rain and some warmth and sun
But not enough to burn me
Because seriously, that happens at the drop of a hat.

Also, I can almost tell we have a livable living room..

Seriously. My joy. It is so full.
Also, my kitchen is finally in one functional piece.
I can hear the heavenly choir.

Aside from that I have suckered my husband 
into one of my favorite summer activities!
Granted it didn't take that much convincing...

No really, it makes me so happy.
If I could be a professional gardener and actually,
you know,
make money.
I would be all over that!
Or not make money on it,
but I'm not that rich.

Truly though, 
I love planning out a garden
shoving my hands into damp, cold soil
and making a barren spot look beautiful.
So when Owen and I moved into our new place
I was excited about the flower beds in front

Then I realized that they get almost no sun
And I could make pots from how much clay was in the soil.
Seriously, it took Owen an hour to turn over our 10 foot long flower bed.
Also, all the nails/cigarettes/weeds/roots/death things/WHAT IS THAT
I had to pull out of it.
Not cool.

So we went on a fine adventure,
bought some gardening tools,
and flowers of course,
and lots of peat moss and soil.
So much o_O
and a  red watering can.
Because I needed one...
Rolled up our sleeves and got to work

That is our tiny little flower bed.
Yeah, took an hour to work everything into the soil
Owen's MANLY MAN though so his arms don't hurt
When I'm looking...

So we watered and worked our volcanic ash and peat moss in
And then soon discovered that I am a gentle gardener who takes their time
Owen goes to work on those plants
Those plants don't even know what hit them
One second they're in their containers then
BAM! In the ground!

So in the front flower bed we planted like this:
Two Dracena at each corner of the flower bed along the sides
Then two black velvet pansies (I like pansies ^_^)
A cream or blue pansy
then alternate!
Then lobelia.
Then Owen and I were kinda like...
Wait.. what are we going to do with the extra pansies.
So then the lobelia gets to be friends with more pansies. 
And then a bush of heather,
for a lovely centerpiece!
I'm hoping it grows in the partial shaded area 
*fingers crossed*
Look at our dazzling concrete walls! So aesthetic...

Then along the back I planted sweet pea vines and delphinium
Because seriously need something to cover that concrete >.>
But that's not all!
Meet Charlie
Our cranberry bush!
I saw him for 10$ and was like
So Owen and I agreed he would be put to use.
Good use,
probably as jelly later.
Until then, he just sits looking all cute in the back.

So besides that flower bed we also have a second one. 
On the other side of the stairs.
Completely out of sunlight.
Why you would put a flower bed there is beyond me.
Also, the clay was so thick
we dumped have a ton of sand in
I swear...

So Owen was left with that flower bed

He had fun :)
On the right hand side you can see
our lovely Bleeding Heart Bush!
Her name is Harriet.
Owen named her. Erm..
So we planted her, and uhm...
Oh shoot what did we plant there?
Herman's Glory, Lamium, Yellow Archangel,
and Foxglove.

So that is our garden for this year.
There may be new additions.
Don't worry, 
you'll definitely hear about it throughout the summer!


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Adventures Abound!

*peers around corner*
Oh.. Hi everyone!
So I have been away for a while.
Though I have totally justifiable reasoning.
I finally took a vacation from my job,
thank goodness.
I've been moving and have no internet
>.> lame.
Oh, and I got married.


Wow that still feels weird to say

So I'm back up and running
Posts to come
Namely red death plague, Dr. Who, and awesome adventure times (i.e. I totally got married and it was INSANE)!
In the meantime...

Monday, May 2, 2011

DA II Review Part II

Alright you guys,
So when we left off
Big Bro Carver got himself squished
And Warrior Chick was forced to kill her hubby
Because he took a chug of some darkspawn blood.
And then we rode away on Dragon Flemeth

Pretty much.. Awesomeville.

So then
Blinged out Dwarf Man
Gives this voice over to some creepy cutscene
Like, I mean I felt like I was watching
Some bad version of a po-mo horror movie
With a lot of red and black

Owen calls it Art Deco
I call it a bunch of guys who want to hear this story as much as I do.
So anyways,
Then we see me and my fam-jam
+ or - 1
Floating on this piddly dingy of a boat
I mean how did they sail across the sea/ocean
In that dinky little thing
It's like a bad rip off of a Viking Warrior ship
But whatever

So you sail on up to this lovely sight

I feel like maybe this isn't the most...
hospitable place
At this point,
I personally
Would be going

But no, you sail on into Gloomsville
Popultaion: A lot of douchebages
Because as soon as you land
You notice, like, every other person from Fereldan
Has decided to come to Kirkwall, 
apparently it's the hip place to be.
But they're all just standing around like sheep
Bleating to get in

And of course the guards are like
And all the Fereldans are like
Weellll the Darkspawn are kinda invading our lands
or something
they killed our king
and there's like, only one dude trying to save us
seems like a gong show
it's kinda a downer 
what with our houses being burnt to the ground 
Sooo.. Can we come bunk with you guys?

And of course the Kirkwalliens are like
Does this look like a Bed & Breakfast?

Because like I said
This is Gloomville
With a major economy in Douchbaggery
Just you wait and see

So the fam-jam is like
Ahhhh craaaaap
Looks like we're screwed
Like everyone else

But oh wait,
Mom is like
HEY! I'm going to come out of my sobbing
For like the only 2 seconds in the game
And talk about something other than Dead Son Carver
Don't you guys remember why we came here?
I've got McRich Moneybags brother here

Mom seriously, the whining,
 and that outfit,
 starting to get ooolllddd
So you're like 
WELP guess we should obscurely run around
Until we find a guard dude
But what is this? 
No fighting for more than 3 minutes?
With a bunch of needless IDIOTS
Bioware can't let that happen! 
Unless your freaking running
From one end of the map to the other
But even then thats sketchy

So then you're like 
I know you already 
Probably have the worst migraine 
From so many people bugging you all day
But we got a rich uncle, 
So be a dear and fetch him will you?

And the guards like
I dunno who you talkin' 'bout
I only know some scumbag with that name

That should be your hint 
That all is SCREWED
Or about to get interesting
I dunno

So anyways, 
lets me lovely Uncle Gamlen
Shall we?

All he needs is a pedo mustache
And he creeper ensemble is set!

His poor taste in clothing
Should have been the first tip
That all was *~not well~*

So he's like
Oh.. hey..Awkward...
And scanty mom is like
Gamlen! So good to see you!
You can get us in right?
Back to the big cushy house
I left all those years ago?
For an apostate mage
(Just a random aside there)

And he kinda shuffles his feet
And reeks of booze
And you're like...
So then he's like
Welp, I can get you in
But you have to commit 
To a life of crime
For like...*cough* 
A year

So then mom spazes
And my character is like
Whatevs, it's just a year
She's so *~chill~*

So you get to pick, 
Wanna be a smuggler?
Or a mercenary?

Ahoy hoy mateys,
Pass the eye patch
We being smugglers ^_^

So this brings us
To Problems With This Game #3:
So I pick smugglers
Do one quest for them
To "prove my worth"
I'm willing to do wench quests
You got the job
So then I'm like
Okay.. so we'll play through a little
Might skip around a bit to pass a year

But what happens?
I'm just a windmill, doin' what windmills do
*random insert*
Just Pimp Dwarf
TELLING YOU what you did
And even then it's like

you hung out with the smugglers
doin' what smugglers do
And then it's a year later
Btw, you live in Kirkwall now
With your creeper Uncle

Micheal Scott is unimpressed with your shenanigans 

So we skipped that whole year
I did, like one quest
And it's like
You get an Achievement! 
For just picking on of these! 

So what you mean to say is
You did not feel like writing
Extra plot
So you slapped this in
To give us..
What appeasement?

It's like
Yup, you did that

It feels very disjointed,
And assembly line like
I feel robbed...

So now we've skipped to a year later.
Oh yays.
But I will save that for a later day
For now,
I'm going to eat a cupcake
Because I'm feeling like an Ogre over this...


p.s. Please enjoy this gif, which made me LOL and feel better.
Barrack Obama. Opening a can of whoop @$$