Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Happy National Cupcake Day!

No seriously.
Oh my word. Pure joy has wrought my day.
Who knew that there was a day set aside for the celebration of the wonderful cupcake? Do you think I could pass this off as a religious holiday? Maybe? Possibly? I do show mass amounts of devotion towards these cakes in mini bitable, portable loveliness. I think it's entirely possible. Well since it is National Cupcake Day (or as the Brits call them fairy cakes) I feel like we need Random Trivia.. Oh yes.
-Cupcake were first mentioned in 1796 as part of an American cookbook.
-Also, during the 1800's cupcake meant two different things. Either a mini cake baked in ramekin dishes (muffin tins weren't a hit yet) or a cake that's ingredients were measure in a standard cup volume. I.e. any little cup around the house, usually a tea cup.
     - Side note: I actually already knew about the cup cake measuring cup thing. I used to work at Heritage Park where they bake goods as part of their experiencing How The West Was Once. When we made cake, we always used the tea cups to measure everything instead of measuring cups. Let me tell you, first day baking no one told me. I rummaged through that whole dang house and was so about to use the antique ones until one of the girls came into my exhibit and was like. "Duh, the tea cup". Oh. Should have read the site binder. I'm an idiot.
Anyways! Moving on!
- Cake balls are a deviation of cupcakes. No really?
Apparently they were all the rage back in the day because they were less expensive than pound cakes. Now they're all popular again because of the "nostalgia" (as wiki tells me). Really, I think it's just because they're good. And convenient. I mean, come on, it's a mini cake in your hand! Omnomalicious!
It's kind of funny it's National Cupcake Day though. I should have saved my bragging about my sister for now, because it just so happens...

They are tots her forte!
My hips don't lie people, they are delish.
However. It would be totally bias of me to just post pictures of her cupcakes on here. So, in honor of cupcake day. I give you sinfully blissful pictures that are going to make you want to destroy your diet!
(I'm on the "sea-food" by the way! Hurr hurr I crack myself up)

Oddly enough, from National Geographic. These cupcakes come from the Atlanta Cupcake Factory, it was on their list for Best Cupcake Bakeries!

Cupcake Speakers from Semk
They're cupcake headphones from Semk. Um, hello. Delicious awesomeness delivering tuneskys? I'm sold.

Now would you believe me if I told you this was a cupcake? Because it so is.

Finally, no these aren't my sisters. Actually my cousin made these, she's quite talented at making cakes. These were for her daughters birthday. Fresh strawberries with strawberry meringue icing. So awesome!

May we all go out and make our tastebuds happy today in celebration! My waist line can get over it later. Nygah.


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

And suddenly they all broke out into Queen

Well. That was just my lunch hour.
Now, what jersey's they are wearing I have no clue about. But today I'm standing in line at Subway (I lurves it) when I realize the Scaramouch-ing I can hear isn't just my head playing Queen. Which doesn't happen often which is why I was wondering in the first place. So I grab my lovely perfected sandwich (hey it took my whole life, it's perfect) and look over the +15 railing to see these guys. Rock Band-ing it out in the lobby of the PetroCan Tower. Let me tell you, the guy singing had some serious guts, because there were a lot of us watching. And laughing. Mostly laughing. I have no clue what it was for, but you can see the camera guy there filming them, so I'm sure it'll show up on CityTV or something.
Also. Holy two days of blog posts?! I'm so proud of myself :)


Monday, December 13, 2010

*Shoo Shoo*

So good news. My headaches are starting to go away!
Bad news, they're abruptly replaced by a huge headcold.
>.> You think you're funny body don't you...
But yes, cough cough, hack wheeze and all that fun stuff. This weekend was lovely though, I sat around and did practically nothing! I like weekends like that. Where I can flop down and just play video games for ridiculous amounts of time, yaaaays. Also, saw Harry Potter this weekend. Woah, dark. I went with my friend Helena and my boyfriend Owen, and we were all like "Uuuhhhmm, so not a kids movie"
And may I point out, thats what I like about it.
My generation is the one that grew up reading those books. They came out when I was like, 11? 12 maybe? And people my age grew up reading the books and watching the movies. So as my generation got older I noticed that the movies kind of grew up with us. They didn't stay being some diddly kids movie, they actually started to get serious. And I like that, I enjoy that they continually progressed as it's beginning audience got older. So that's why when I hear parents with young kids complain "it's not a children's movie" or "it's to dark, it's scaring the children" The chiiiiiiiiildren!!! I kind of want to say "it's not supposed to be for them! you're daughter was probably still crawling when I was standing outside of Chapters at midnight freezing my butt off so I could buy the new (shiiiiny) book."
 But that would be rude, so I don't. But I think it. *nygah*
Anyways /end rant, today's picture is something I constantly brag to people about. Like, constantly. I know.. I'm such a sinner *hangs head*

My sister's epically, awesome, fantabulous baking skills!
Seriously, her stuff is to die for. To diiiiiiiiiiiiiie fooooor!
She made this cake a while ago, and I personally love this cake because it's so dang adorable. She made it for her not-nephew on his first birthday. Hence, the giant "1". The little caterpillar around the edges just gets me every time. I wish there were a close up of it, but this is all I got. The icing is all fondant, she works miracles with that stuff. The cake itself was chocolate, pretty sure. And can I say, her chocolate cakes are like "Oh my word, my mouth has never had something so awesome." She's good at making them rich and super moist and chocolate-y *nom nom* But yes, okay, my mouth is watering and my bragging is done. I shall post more of her work. Nerdi (my little sis) went to SAIT for they're Baking and Pastry Arts program, before then she just did it as a hobby. She's cool like that. :)
Well, I'm off to hug my Kleenex box. Happy Festivus!


Monday, December 6, 2010

Behold! The Archnemesis!

The headache...
And curse it back to the very depths of the ninth circle of hell. Until then, it's pounding away on my frontal lobe like a poorly timed mariachi band. Nygah.
However, in case anyone hasn't notice. What with the big city light ups, and the rushed shoppers running you over, and the large volume of traffic circling parking stalls like vultures on a carcass, it's Christmas everyone! Yay! Let us all be caught up in consumerism and totally forget the real meaning. Mk?
Well, okay. Not everyone. I really wish I had caught a picture of this today, but dang it all I left my camera at work and my phone camera is pure terrible. Point being, today whilst out doing my little shopping thing at lunch break; I found myself in the throng of shoppers in the downtown Core Mall. Between dodging sales people, bags, children and other shoppers I finally weaseled outside. Granted it was still just as rush-full of people, but more space to weave. As I walked down the closed streets on Stephen Avenue I happened to spot a homeless man sitting on a little crate with a small empty cup in his hand. I actually recognized him, because I see him everyday on my way to work. And just like other people, sometimes I've dropped a couple of spare coins in my pocket into his cup. Well, it was a bit chillier out today and as I walked up the street I noticed a business woman walking in front of me stop next to the old man.
She was carrying a large cup from Starbucks and I saw her hand it to him. I could hear her say "It's hot chocolate. Merry Christmas." And then she just walked away.
Please let it be noted, as much as I say I hate crying. I so get choked up easily, so I was a little teary when I walked past the man. But he was perfectly happy as he yelled out "God Bless you" to the woman. Then went back to his drink, which I'm sure really was a Christmas treat. For just a moment, between the humming of traffic and the screeching of the train and the bustle of people. I'm sure I was one of the few who stopped to notice a small piece of Christmas right there on the street. May we all be a little kinder, a little merrier, and shine our lights a little brighter this season.
A month ago I found myself leaving the Calgary Highlanders Centennial Gala. Exiting onto Stephen Avenue I just had to snap this shot, it just looked so pretty. Add some snow to the picture and this is what downtown Calgary looks like now. I adore the icicle lights ^_^
Wherefore, my beloved brethren, if ye have no charity, ye are nothing, for charity never faileth.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


*pokes head up*
Sooo.. Hi. Yup, I'm still alive. Surprise?
*hangs head* yes I know I'm a terrible blog author. In my own defense between NaNoWriMo and work I hath had no time! Honest. Okay my excuses aren't that wonderful.
So I was looking over my blog a couple of weeks ago thinking.. I've done a lot over the last while (not just this blog, but a few others I have), anyways I realized for all the kinda crazy stuff I've done I haven't really documented to much on it. I write a bit, but I'm a picture person, so why am I not sharing them?*shrugs*
Life is getting more hectic, I have a full time job now at an Oil Company, trying to do school and graduate, I'm permanently living in the big city, I still volunteer with the old and musty, I run around with other crazy people. So with all this rampant activity I thought that sometimes I just wanted to share the craziness.
That being said, I have hoped a band wagon people.
I'm turning my blog into a picture/bucket list project ^_^
Call it an epiphany I had, but there's things I've done and things I wanna do and needless to say I'm a sharing person. Maybe it'll spark crazy ideas for other people.
Today's first pic.
While in Banff this past weekend, I was in the candy store and spotted this! He's so cute ^_^ Owen said it reminded him of Helena. Yeah. I could see it. Maha.