Monday, January 31, 2011

Upon First Sight...

Things weren't exactly true love.
Actually they weren't even love.
Well really... it was civil, and that's what counts! I suppose..
Owen says the first time we met was on my first day at The Museum. He must have made quite the impression, because I don't really remember (am I a terrible person or what?). I do vaguely remember the assistant education manager Deez saying "And this is one of our Mushroom Factory workers, Owen, he's the know all." And that's about it. Continue with my day, running around, trying to learn everything military and Owen the Collections guy was totally forgotten about.
Well except the fact that he was cute.
But other than that, nope, forgotten.
Not really romantic, huh?
Well that's what he says is the first time we met, and I know I ran into him more. Such as in the lunch room, or downstairs when getting something. Honestly, we didn't talk much for the first few weeks I was there. At this point in time I was going home every weekend and being homesick the rest of the time, as well as being a bit more than overwhelmed at work. See, I had no idea about the military really when I started working there, I was at square one. Or as the PPCLI called me, "civilian square one". It's true, and as much as I tried quickly to learn; I wasn't as fluently knowledgeable. Now all these circumstances (as well as my frazzled nerves) kind of led to my presumptions on Owen. Heh. See, during those first few weeks when my boss Lorna would send me to go get something from the lackeys downstairs and I happened to have to talk to Owen I would either get a raised eyebrow and condescending look, or complete disinterest. At least, that's what it came off as.
Now, this isn't to say he wouldn't help. As a matter of fact he usually did help, he was nice but he seemed stand off-ish. Like I was either wasting his time or he was irritated that I didn't know a whole lot. Mix that with how much he talked to Wally about drinking and clubbing and women, and I had myself a judgement. As far as I was concerned he was a drinking, womanizing, rude, arrogant guy and I wanted nothing more than to walk in the other direction and not deal with him.
Getting less romantic, huh?
 Problem with trying to avoid someone you think is a douche bag in a museum is that, well, it's small. You can't really avoid them. And one day I found myself tasked with a project to make...a mailbox.
I may or may not dub this mailbox as the thing that brought us together, because really, it just may be.
I was wandering downstairs because that's where I was told the shop was. Well I went to the wood shop and thought that cutting foam-core with a band saw was a bad idea and I knew that The Museum had a giant cutty thingy for it... somewhere. Within the deep abyss of the basement. No really, that place is a maze when you're new. So there I am, standing at the cross section of the loading bay, quarantine room and the hallway to the artefact cages. I am acutely aware that I have no keys and don't know where to go, or even what to do. I'm feeling more and more like an idiot, I haven't seen my family in a couple of weeks, I'm rather lonely, lost and have no friends in this huge city, I feel out of place and like an idiot because I don't know anything about this place.
All because of you, you nasty mailbox I started feeling like having a meltdown.
Lo, and Behold I'm standing there hugging my stash of foam-core when I hear someone behind me ask
"Do you need some help?"
I must have looked teary eyed, or overwhelmed, or like a lost puppy, or something because Owen's face went from his usual nonchalant "I don't give a damn look" to actual concern.
"I'm making a mailbox" I managed to mumble, feeling more an idiot, "but I don't know where they cutting thingy is."
I remember he looked like he was trying to hold composure and I couldn't help but scowl, which made him loose composure. And laugh at me.
"If you're going to laugh at me.."
"No, sorry, I've never heard someone call it the cutty thingy before. Very.. creative?"
The next thing I knew Owen was opening the prep room (Oooohhh, this is where I go), pulling the foam core from me, pulling out a measuring kit, glue gun and everything else I needed.
Okay, I thought to myself, maybe he isn't too much of a jerk.
As Helena would later put it "He's a jerk, but a nice jerk."
And so for the next two days I found myself downstairs trying to piece together this monstrosity. Every time Owen passed by the prep room he would poke his head in to see if I needed help. Usually he found himself holding pieces of foam-core together while I went at it with the glue gun. And so an unfounded judgement turned into a mutual acquaintanceship.
Getting a little better? A tad? Well, okay.
After that, whenever I needed something, or had a question, or was bored I would either end up downstairs in the Cages or chasing after the collections crew for help. Owen, after that, was a little more friendly to help. He had always been willing, just now friendly.
Walter had already shown me some of the stuff downstairs, but one day Owen grabbed the keys and just started showing me everything he could think of. That's when he found out how much of a geek I was when I started getting all *squee* excited, and I even played video games *gasp*. The look of shock on his face still makes me giggle.
Throughout all of this, any person could notice that I thought the guy was cute and a little nicer than I thought. But after having had a terrible break up and bit of a hurtful relationship the year prior, I was more than reluctant to open up to a new guy. So I promised myself I would treat him like a friend and only like him as a friend.
We can all see how that turned out.
One day, after I was done work upstairs I went downstairs to write up some data entry for the collections crew. Helena left early with a meow and skip, and I found myself downstairs with just Owen. The lights downstairs flicked, and with the concrete flooring and the metal cabinets making a maze it's a little scary. So Owen moved close to the front to talk to me. And thus we began talking about, basically, anything. I soon found out, Oh he doesn't really drink, he doesn't even like to drink. Oh, he believes in courting woman. Oh, he hates bars and clubs. Oh, he goes to school and works. Oh, he helps take care of his mom. Oh, he has a sense of humor. Oh, he thinks religion is a good thing. Oh... He's a total freaking gentleman.
I'm an idiot.
And then he walked me home.
And kept walking me home.

I know some people can say that their relationship has a defining moment when they knew they were in love. With Owen and I though it just seemed to grow a little more over time. Amidst the dusty artefact's, the frantic running around, the precarious air conditioners, the rice pudding stand, the running kids around, the geese, the meese, the putting green, the medals, the Lee-Enfields, the leaning on the commissionaire's desk, the mailbox, the quarantining, and the geekery. I found this tall, dark and handsome guy with wire framed glasses and a crooked smile who had a quick wit and a sharp tongue, but most importantly, a kind heart. Which I couldn't help but open mine to.
Just don't touch the artefact's, he gets all uppity :)
Courteous of my glorious cousin :)

"Mwahaha! My plan worked!" - Deez

Friday, January 28, 2011

*The* Announcement

Okay so, I know I left everyone in the dark for a couple of days week. Sorry, but there's a lot of people to call. Like, more than I thought, dear goodness why are there so many of you.
*que epic music* (probably Clint Mansell, let's be honest here)
I'm becoming a Mrs. Tooky!
He even picked the ring out himself. *sniff* So proud! But seriously, he did a good job I absolutely adore the ring. It's very turn of the century style, which, ya know, adoration abounds for vintage things.
Also, for those of you who read this blog, probably recognize the very well done nails. Yes, little miss Helena was there with us when we bought the ring. Granted, she didn't know she was going to buy a ring with us. No, she thought we had just come to pick up her shoes. Surpriiiiise.
Actually when we told her we got a reaction equivalent to this:

Followed by this conversation:
"I can't believe it took you so long to tell me!"
"You're like one the first people to know!"
"I better be!"
One of the many reasons I ♥ that girl. And then her and I *squee'd* over the ring and best part is I have someone awesome to do my nails for the wedding. Boo-freaking-yah!
Now.. A couple of things that are soon to come/change:
Firstly, I do realize people want to hear about how I met Owen. Don't worry, that geekery filled story is soon to come.
Secondly, the name of this blog may probably change.
Thirdly, I'm not going to be the only one writing in this blog. Yup, that's right, Owen is probably going to start doodling around in here too. It'll also help that he's computer savvy and can reformat my blog to look nicer. Yay.

Now I'm off! To the land of wedding planning >_>


"The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love, and be loved in return"
-Moulin Rogue

Friday, January 21, 2011


Except.. Well.. I can't really.. tell you.
So yes I do have a terrific, fantabulous, awesome announcement to make. But I can't tell you people's yet, but I will! Soon! But not now! But it's *awesome*! I'm still dying over it. Nyaaaaaa!
Ahem. In the mean time, enjoy this video:
I ♥ you Google and the stupid questions you answer for us.


Friday, January 14, 2011


No, no apple's have been hitting me upside the head. Though granted that may knock some sense into me. No, no today I realized something.
The world, has indeed, gone crazy. 
Okay, well be that as it may not be a total shock to everyone and it's kind of like "Andi.. that's old news. Like, almost pre-history old news." But no quite pre-history because then it wouldn't be news. Heh.
Okay! Bad joke of the day out of the way! Point being, I flicked on my tv before leaving for work today to have every single news story being about some form of a tragedy, or someone was shot, or a poor police office was run over by a snowplow (?!) or someone tried to assassinate a governor, the worlds flooding, its over heating, its freezing, THE END IS NIGH YOU GUUUUYS!!
Well that's enough to put you in bed depressed for weeks... Urgh, seriously. Now, being an Anthropology geeky major I've never really loved western society (I know, lo, I am weird) I've actually been called a traitor due to my disquieted disgust for it some days. Because really living in a society that has no traditions for coming of age, that led by a vocal minority and a tactfully coach potatoed (usually) majority, the glorification of skinny minnies, the media, Hollywood (nrrrgh), blah blah blah. The list goes on. 
Anyways, I kept thinking about this on the bus to work, it kind of nagging at me. When I got to work I was pulling out the paper to put out on the waiting tables when I read this article:
A teenage boy who put his brother's life before his own was one of the 13 people confirmed to have died in the Australian floods.
Jordan Rice, 13, was killed in the city of Toowoomba, 130 kilometres west of Brisbane, as his family car was swamped.
The teenager had insisted that rescuers take his 10-year-old brother, Blake, first. Seconds later, Jordan and his mother, Donna, 43, were swept away.
Read more:
So that's like the first paragraph and I was already choking up. It was pretty heart wrenching to read about this tragedy, but the last line of the story made me have another epiphany. The rescue worker who tried to save the teenage boy said: "He's just the champion of all champions, a family hero."
Yes, I was totally at work and sniffling. I can be a wuss. But I suppose it was because it's things like this that make me feel like the world will still be okay. As crazy as things get, there are still people who love each other and there is still kindness in humanity. Not all of us are crazy... in the bad way. There are still some of us who curl up on the couch after work with the dog on one side and the person you love on the other, and the world feels like a very distant place you see on the tv. Some of us still have that concept of "home" in our lives. 
I now leave you with your Daily Dose of D'aww!
And your Daily Dose of WTF?

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wai Hallo Thar

Hey-a! It's me, Im---
Oh wait.. wrong place. 
Howdy and hello I am back from Christmas vacation, still trying to get used to not sleeping in. Nygah. It's not working so well. 
So my Christmas was full of delightfulness and family time and crazy time (never a shortage of that) and snow-mobiling, and all that fun jazz. However, my sister nearly killed me on Christmas Day when she found out I had broken down and bought my brother a beret. Now, I didn't see the problem, my sister was exasperated. I just laughed harder when I saw why she was knitting her eyebrows. 
Name the warlord kids!
So Christmas has come and gone, and now I'm back in CowTown instead of actual cow town. Heh, actually as The Owen and I were driving back into Calgary he turns to me saying:
"Has Calgary always smelt this bad? Oh my..."
When you go from being out in the country to being back in the city, you can even smell the difference. He claims he can taste, thats just weird. Also, the large line of brown haze you can see is disconcerting as well. Point being, I found out why I get headaches now! City air >_> Nrrrr... 
Upside of being back though:
I went to the Darwin & Einstein Exhibit!
The Darwin exhibit was okay, The Owen complained is was terribly laid out and had no direction or flow. But I told the assistant curator to can it and watch the iguana with me. It was neat, like I didn't know the HMS Beagle was only about 60 feet long (ity bity living space). The coolest part though, Ian found and hauled us over too. Behold!

Actually at this point I was going ZOMG! IT'S LUCY!
And then practically fell on the floor *squeeing*
It made me happy that they didn't leave the little guys out, though they shoved them into a dark corner. Heh. But yes no, I couldn't stop staring. Though The Owen and I got into a debate on whether Neanderthal's head was bigger because its brain was denser or because it was just smarter and had a bigger brain. 
Oh yeah, we're so cool. 
The Einstein exhibit though was *awesome*, but that will take up a whole other blog post. In the mean time, ciao ^_^