Wednesday, June 22, 2011

PSA: Doctor Who

Hello Blogospherians. I am currently attempting to, once again, reorganize my blog. So if you see some things start to shift around, do not panic. However, mostly in the effort of organizing I'm actually just trying to give my blog a reason for existing. Besides, you know, being my ranting board. No, I'm going to actually set up a schedule because I need some form of discipline and organization  even if it can't be my living room right now.
So! I really don't have a plan yet, I never really ever do. Although, I am going to be starting "projects" with the hubster. Also, reviewing. I never finished DAII, that's definitely on the list (I just need to convince my brain it won't rot playing it and I will finish it a 2nd time). Also, Doctor Who. I have become a fan girl. I decided besides games I'm going to go through tv series as I watch them because, really, oh why not.
So things are going  to be more chaotic than usual in the coming while, but hopefully it will give way to an actual semblance of order and a purpose.
Things can't get better if I don't horribly mess them up first, or at least rearrange crazily!  

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