Monday, June 6, 2011

The Storm and the Umbrella

For some reason, every time I lay out a plan to write a poem.
I go to write out said idea and my brain goes...
Hmm... NAW! We're not doing that!
Let's do this instead!
So I relent to a sigh and go with it.

Lately I have been trying my best to put into words
how I was feeling over a disheartening ordeal.
I suppose I finally found out how.

The Storm and the Umbrella
I found myself,
Caught up in the storm
Of your turbulent words
And offending scorn.

These storms seem to pass through
With increasing frequency.
Your brash emotions
And pretty using of me.

But this time
You broke that thin wire.
The last thing holding us together
And you broke it with fire.

This was the last hurricane
Of you I will endure;
For while you rain accusations
I brought my sanities cure.

You really hated that Umbrella.
It wasn't normal you'd say.
But I love my Umbrella,
I love it more each day.

It keeps my sanity,
Sheltered from the prevailing winds
Of your hurtful and illogical cries.
It keeps me sheltered to the end.

You may hate my Umbrella
And treat it with scorn.
But I care not,
For it has taken me out of your storm.

And I walk with it
Down a country lane.
Twirling it.
Never to come back again.

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