Tuesday, June 28, 2011


So a few months ago I discovered this wonderful little corner of the internet. It's a micro blogging community that makes sharing things (sometimes) easier. I am, of course, talking about Tumblr.
For the last few months, I haven't posted too often here. Actually, I never do. Lately though, Tumblr has been my soapbox. I post my larger rants/projects onto this blog, but the little nitpicks I post to my Tumblr. So if you ever become bored here, or think I do nothing: sidle on over to my Tumblr:
Mostly I post for "teh lulz". However, sometimes I actually post something that makes sense. Lately my posts have been all Dr. Who related. (What? How can I not be totally smitten?)
There is a feed to my Tumblr also posted in the sidebar ------>
So poke on over if you get bored. Tumblr is easy to get lost in!

Now please enjoy this ridiculously cute Minecraft comic!
Disclaimer: As if I could draw this!
Naw, I got it off Tumblr.
Unfortunately there's no watermark or signature.

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